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Tara Pokras

Tara is a human-centered designer, ethnographic researcher, and photographer. She is innately curious about the world and is constantly questioning the status quo. She is a public health professional and has spent much of her career designing and implementing public health projects both in the US and internationally. She believes in the power of storytelling, creating spaces for connection, and most importantly, building community. She is the Founder and Chief Creatrix of Period Portraits.

Period Portraits is breaking the stigma around menstruation through vulnerable storytelling and empowering photography. It is a community of modern menstruators and allies striving to stop the misinformation that perpetuates harmful, even destructive, myths and beliefs around periods. Fusing advocacy and art, Period Portraits creates an empowering space to step out of isolation and shed the shame.

Tara holds a Master of Public Health from George Washington University and a BA of Sociology and Political Science from Hofstra University. When she’s not talking about periods or taking photographs, you can find her out on a hiking trail, reading a good book in one of her favorite DC coffee shops, or trying something new like salsa dancing!

Connect with Tara | Instagram: @goperiodportraits and @tpokras