202Creates Residency Program at 200 I Street SE

The 202Creates Residency Program at 200 I Street SE, seeks to provide space to artists and businesses working in the creative industries in the District of Columbia. As part of Mayor Muriel Bowser's commitment to supporting the creative economy and creating a pathway to the middle class for DC's creative workforce, 202Creates has established a Residency Program opening March 2017. 

The 202Creates Residency Program is available by application (below) to District of Columbia residents working in the creative industries. Each month, the 202Creates Residency Program will provide 1 artist, 1 creative team, and 1 creative business (for profit or non profit) access to 200 I Street SE office suite for 4 weeks to work on projects, expand their business, host planning meetings, and further develop their work. The 202Creates Cohorts will be required to use the space at least 20 hours a week, to engage with their fellow participants, to allow OCTFME team to film and/or post about their work on digital media accounts, and to have an open studio or participate in an open house to share their progress at the conclusion of their Residency.  


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