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Sally McBratney

Sally is an illustrator and creative connector from Chicago, now living and working in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of DC. She is passionate about making connections between talented people, always looking for ways to celebrate fellow creatives. Her work celebrates everyday objects and people by portraying them in bright, colorful palettes with the simple line-work and realism inspired by pop-art and photorealism. Sally has been practicing full-time (with a long list of side-hustles) since leaving her corporate job in January 2018. During her residency, Sally will be working on a project titled “Local Celebrity”, in which she will combine illustration, interviews, and apparel to feature creatives working across industries and mediums who are living and working in the District. Her intention with this project is to bring attention to the creatives, makers, movers, and shakers in the District. DC is not often enough thought about as a hub for creatives, and she is hoping to change that.