Hiba Akhtar Jaafari.JPG

Hiba Akhtar and Hiba Jaafari

Hiba A and Hiba J are cofounders of Bluenoon, an up-and-coming gelato company that specializes in flavors inspired by the Middle East and South Asia: think flavors that are fun and unique, like Mango Lassi, Dark Chocolate, Syrian Lemonade, Rosewater Tamarind, Pistachio Baklava and more. The two women got together to found Bluenoon after having way too many conversations about wanting to make a difference and represent ourselves in the world of food. Hiba A is a freelance editor and communications professional, and Hiba J is a dental hygienist. They're so excited to be part of 202creates and will be brainstorming and launching some of Bluenoon's outreach and marketing development through this residency.

Connect with Hiba A & Hiba J | Instagram: @bluenoonc