Quenton Bonds, Phd

From a disadvantaged and at times hostile environment where drugs and gangs were prevalent, to becoming an Entrepreneur by the age of 7, renowned international speaker, and NASA engineer; meet Dr. Quenton Bonds.

Dr. Bonds has overcome countless challenges throughout his life, which have molded him into the man he is today. His message of relentless pursuit of purpose is one that captivates audiences from any demographic and inspires them to focus on their goals and continue to push forward despite the temporary obstacles that stand between them and success. With over 20 years of experience in STEM, Dr. Bonds has created new technologies in the areas of biomedical engineering, electrical engineering as well as earth and geo-science. He also has an extensive background in research and development. He is an innovator by nature who is passionate about creating innovations that change our way of life and inspiring others to innovate as well.

During his time at 202creates, Dr. Bonds plans to grow his professional speaking business and develop a grant program for non-profits, schools and other organizations that typically cannot afford his services. In addition, he plans to develop the framework for the creation of multiple technology startups, from Wireless Power Grids to App Development.

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