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Paul Spires

JusPaul is a multi talented entertainer born and raised in Washington DC. He has been performing since he was very young, learning to play several instruments by ear. By the age of 9, he discovered he could also sing; however, as adolescence approached, singing morphed into rapping. He is a founding member of the rap group Topshelf Starz as well as a local battle rapper. His passion and musical talents coupled with his leadership abilities led to involvement in the Teen Champions DC youth organization. He penned a still-memorable college and higher learning theme song which was featured as morning inspiration for several years at an area high school. He also wrote an award-winning song for a nationally televised commercial sponsored by DC Tobacco-Free Families and the American Lung Association in which he performed and appeared. His live performances increasingly became a lifestyle of music as he performed on several stages throughout the East Coast. As a rapper and singer, he decidedly preferred singing. During his senior year at Anacostia High School in DC, he met and was then mentored by the legendary Grammy-nominated jazz-funk/soul band, The Blackbyrds. Under the mentorship of his teacher, Keith Killgo, an original member and manager of The Blackbyrds, JusPaul became the new lead singer of The Blackbyrds upon their relaunch. JusPaul becoming lead singer of The Blackbyrds was a perfect collaboration and transition for the group as well as JusPaul as both fulfilled their musical foundations, purposes and commitments. The Blackbyrds were founded when jazz great and Howard University Professor Donald Byrd formed a jazz group comprised of his students at Howard University to teach and promote the art of jazz and business of music to next generations. JusPaul’s continued work with The Blackbyrds involved songwriting, recording and touring nationally as well as internationally – all before graduating high school. The Blackbyrds’ 2012 release, “Gotta Fly”, included as the first track “I Need Your Love,” a song written and led by JusPaul as well as his vocals on the entire project. The CD continues to be a top-selling jazz recording in Japan.

The variation and experimentation JusPaul has had with music over his career led to the diversity displayed in the music he creates. When Chuck Brown fused funk and jazz, he forged an evolution in music by creating a sound he coined ‘Go-Go.’ As an independent singer-songwriter, producer, and the youngest member of The Blackbyrds, JusPaul has many years of experience in live performances, recording, collaborating and touring domestically and internationally – from the Vanguard Festival in Copenhagen to highly-entertaining sold-out shows throughout the United States, United Kingdom and more.

As an independent music professional, JusPaul has released three well-received solo mixtapes which highlighted his vocal talents and creative songwriting skills through a mix of renditions and original songs. His 2017 project with producer Kid Cannibal titled “13” to denote embracing – rather than being afraid of – the different, the odd, and the unknown. The 13 tracks of this project have led to a meteoric rise in his musical career, garnering more acclaim, an ever expanding fanbase and featured plays on internet and local radio stations throughout the United States and abroad.

JusPaul’s career has been widely recognized in numerous reviews of his music and live performances as a solo artist igniting stages and as well as his impressive vocal and lyrical talents on his many recorded releases and sought after collaborations. He has also been well reviewed as a standout performing with The Blackbyrds’ highly acclaimed performances over the past decade, specifically highlighting his talented star potential and musical voice, but also through showcases, radio and media features. JusPaul was recently voted winner of syndicated radio station WPGC-FM’s “Verses & Flows” competition, the Titan Arts Awards of D.C.’s 2017 “Best Male Vocalist of the Year,” and signed to a distribution deal with Priority Records. 2018 has been a busy time of performing and touring with Jazz ensembles, The Blackbyrds and a monthly performance residency at, Marvin, a DC restaurant and lounge. His recently released project, ‘To Be Honest,’ is quickly gaining momentum as a Soul, R&B and Funk independent music staple.

This multi-talented artist from the Southeast section of Washington, D.C., whose love of music, arts, culture and youth development is also dedicated to philanthropy. His solid foundation in live performances supports his mission to not merely entertain but to educate and continue to inspire youth to pursue their creativity through a musical experience. JusPaul’s musical talents are unrestricted by genres, thus his stage moniker, the most apt description of the musical experience he provides – “it’s JusPaul!”

Connect with Paul | Instagram: @juspaul