nicole gallub | dj/producer

I am a former Information Systems specialist and current DJ/Producer. Fortunately for me, my DJ career became successful enough to leave my career in IT and pursue my dream of working full-time as a DJ/Producer, and DJ Neekola was born. In collaboration with J Punch DJ Neekola owned a record label in 2011 called NomNom Records, bringing on producers such as Dr. Kucho to produce original tracks and remixes, in addition to other talented local producers in the metro Washington, DC area. Neekola also produced an album in collaboration with Rex Riot called “Playtime,” which sold out in the first month of production.  

Although DJ Neekola's success paved a path for international fame, I directed my energy to solving key industry problems through technology, and created PELONKEY: a technological solution for the entertainment and events industries. Pelonkey is an entertainment marketplace where people planning events can shop easily and transparently for entertainment options, and performers can manage, protect, promote, and organize their business. Both can find, book, and contract one another online quickly and securely.