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Mike Jett

Mike stares. He’s a starer. A natural people watcher. When he was little, the other kids told him, “Take a picture. It’ll last longer!” So he said, “Good idea.”

Now a documentary photographer, Mike uses his attention span, vision, and wit to express a visual commentary on life in America. He makes photos sometimes for humor, sometimes for advocacy, but always as a conversation starter. Mike recently published ‘New York in June’ (Les Carnets Street 2018), a small zine of street photography. He is spending his 202Creates residency focused on crafting images on behalf of nonprofits, amplifying the impact of their programs for fundraising. 

In 2014, Mike received a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree from Harvard University. He was then COO of freeCodeCamp (501c3), where he created Open Source for Good - a program that contributed over $2 million dollars worth of web development to 32 other nonprofit organizations, pro bono. 

He finds great pleasure in giving more than he takes.