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Lincoln Mondy & Amina Akhtar

Lincoln Mondy is the Senior Manager of Strategic Projects at Advocates for Youth, where he drives campaigns, press strategy, and partnerships focused on young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights. He is the filmmaker behind Black Lives / Black Lungs, a short film investigating the strategic infiltration of the black community by the tobacco industry. The film has received media attention from The Huffington Post, NPR, Colorlines, NowThisNews and other media outlets under his direction.

Amina Akhtar, a graduate of George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs, works in production at National Geographic. During her time at the channel, she has earned several Associate Producer credits on shows. Amina, who is American, ethnically Pakistani, and grew up abroad in Saudi Arabia, loves to travel and further her knowledge of other cultures. Outside of work you can find her sneaking pieces of food to her dog, Kimber, under the table. One day she hopes Kimber becomes Instagram famous so she can fulfill her dream of becoming a momager.

Best friends who met during their time at the GW, Lincoln and Amina will be building The Assembly during their creative residency. The Assembly is a bi-monthly newsletter where the voices of commonly excluded groups of people are at the forefront. Featuring interviews, personal narratives, and a blank creative slate, The Assembly is a celebration of what makes us unique, and what unites us all.