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Kevin Stokes

Kevin Stokes is the founder and Brand Ambassador of Unofficial DC, a lifestyle, clothing, and accessories brand.  Unofficial DC’s primary mission is to rebrand the narrative of Washington DC, one of the greatest cities in the world!  Kevin is fondly known as the “Self-Proclaimed” Unofficial Ambassador of Washington D.C., a title bestowed upon him by his friends after enduring his inspiring, and never-ending, advocacy and love for the city and its deep and varied culture, history, and fun.

Kevin is a native of Columbia, South Carolina.  After graduating high school Kevin joined the U.S. Navy, doing tours of duty in Guantanamo Bay Cuba and Sardinia Italy. During his tours he visited numerous other countries in Europe such as France, Spain, Egypt, Greece, ultimately landing in Washington D.C.

Kevin came of age in DC and soon learned that DC is unlike any other.The city, its people, culture, neighborhoods, diversity, and history – is inspiring, dynamic, fun, and thought-provoking in a unique and intangible way not found in other international cities. Yet much of the world has missed this beautiful-hidden-in-plain-view jewel and only sees CSPAN, the Hill, and the White House when they think of DC. The idea of Unofficial DC was born of Kevin’s pure love of this city, the Unofficial DC, and his passion to share its beauty with the world.

Connect with Kevin | Instagram: @Unofficial_DC