Saskia Sams-Yeboah, Kaylah Miranda & Melan Shannon

EatForBeautyDC is a creative multimedia business and lifestyle brand by Kaylah Miranda and Melan Shannon, that serves to promote plant-based health, holistic wellness, and create “higher-self” lifestyle systems. We specialize in Living Foods (Raw-Vegan) but are committed to sharing information on healthy plant-based living overall, especially among communities of color. Through our online platform we aim to demonstrate how to be efficiently self-sustainable in the Washington, DC metro area.

We’ve hosted a series of events including “Holistic Workspaces,” “Food Meditations,” and discussions on how to acknowledge, evaluate, and feed all levels of the self. We’ve been invited to share on a variety of local and online platforms, been mentioned in W.E.L.L. Insiders “5 Wellness Platforms by Women of Color You Need to be Following Right Now”, and launched an exclusive meal preparation and holistic consulting service this past summer. Individually, we are both overall artists that use a plethora of mediums for our own healing. Our work revolves around upholding self-awareness as a major tool to strengthen our connection to ourselves, others, and the planet. During our time at 202Creates we plan to produce a rapid stream of events, products, and content as we document our journey towards food security.