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Kayla Dixon

If there was ever such thing as a “gangsta humanitarian,” this might be it. Kayla Dixon, a bold new artist of many disciplines, uses her love for music, acting, and fashion as a creative gateway bringing awareness to controversial issues and narratives impeding the African American Diaspora. Kayla creates work that makes her audiences uncomfortable, pushes the envelope, and challenges society to make the necessary changes to enhance ones own livelihood. During the 202Creates Residency, Kayla will be preparing for the launch of the.INTERCOURSE.collection, a hand painted clothing line merging the ideas of flirtatious socially stimulating dialogue and provocative women’s fashion. the.INTERCOURSE.collection was created to spark progressive conversation in realms of the African American community that have been neglected. Stay tuned for what Kayla has coming, you’ve never seen INTERCOURSE like this before!