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Justin Franks

Justin Franks is a digital pioneer helping thought leaders, small businesses, civic organizations, and advocacy campaigns grow their online presence. Before moving to DC in 2012, Justin spent almost a decade pursuing his dream of becoming a professional musician, while also studying Comparative Culture and Politics at Michigan State University. He has previously worked as a licensed financial advisor, telecommunications project manager, youth advocacy production coordinator, and 3 years as a digital lead at the National Council for Behavioral Health managing their association-wide job board, email marketing and website platforms, and the development and adoption of their National Conference events app.

For the past 2.5 years - or what he likes to refer to as his "post W-2 life" - Justin now finds ways to translate his team building, creativity, and business acumen skills to help groups amplify their own digital presence and reduce administrative and financial barriers to growth - particularly those of underrepresented and mission-aligned communities and causes. He believes that access to resources and safe spaces for deep thinking, applied learning by doing, and exploring shared passions with other like-minded free thinkers are critical to entrepreneurial success. He is also passionate about bringing people together to take on ambitious goals and seeks to grow adoption of cooperative business models, public interest technologies, and to further promote the causes of behavioral health and digital equity.

Connect with Justin | Instagram: @justin__franks