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John is the Executive Director of P.A.I.N.T.S. Institute (Providing Artists with Inspiration in Non-Traditional Settings). Established in 2016, PAINTS is a Washington, DC based STEM+Arts educational non-profit organization that provides interactive and engaging programming and activities to youth in underserved communities. We teach the art of business, and the business of the arts across a range of visual and performing arts platforms and follow a youth development approach to engage and impact their lives in a holistic manner – mind, body and soul – integrating health, wellness, fitness and nutrition into our methodology. Through the organization, youth learn what it takes to become ARTrepreneurs and are encouraged to prepare for career pathways that will lead them into pursuing a post-secondary degree or certification, start their own businesses and/or land unsubsidized employment in an identified growth sector.

John brings a legal background, and an extensive career in business to the table, along with a personal mission and passion to provide meaningful opportunities to those within the communities that he lives. Having worked aggressively within the early stages of the organization’s life to establish a track record and make contacts/connections within the community and NGO Sector, John’s focus is to expand existing and establish new relationships to help scale and grow the organization and its impact.

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