Joe Clair | Radio Personality, comedian, actor 

Well as if stand-up and television were not enough, Joe Clair added radio personality to his list of job titles. Starting as co-host on the Sunday Night Hip Hop Show on D.C.'s WPGC, Joe Clair expanded his audience even further. The morning show quickly shot to the number one slot in the city. After two and a half years of radio, Joe Clair left to focus on comedy, thus the move to New York City.

Joe Clair announced to friends and family on New Years Day 1998 that he was going to pursue a rap career. Unbeknownst to everyone except for a few close friends, Joe Clair had started working on a rap album near the end of 1997. The label's first project Clair's Seriously Funny is highly anticipated and promises to live up to and enhance what Joe Clair has come to stand for as an entertainer. Joe Clair is unique in the fact that he is a comic turned rapper. He says however that the two are not separate things for him. They are just different parts of my expression and creative force.

Joe Clair has numerous amounts of television and film exposure to his credit. Joe Clair has been a stable on Black Entertainment Television's "RAP CITY" for over five (5) years now. He was the host of Black Entertainment Television's "MADD SPORTS." Joe Clair has also been featured in the motion pictures "TRAIN RIDE" and "HIGH FEQUENCY". HBO "DEF COMEDY JAM", BET's "COMIC VIEW", and "SNAPS" were also some of his best television work to date. HBO loved his work so much that he was a constant performer on the HBO's "DEF COMEDY JAM" tours that showcased dates throughout the United States. Joe Clair has also been featured at the top comedy clubs in the nation (UPTOWN COMEDY CORNER, CAROLINES, IMPROV, LAFF HOUSE, etc.). Joe Clair was recently added to headline numerous dates on the nations' top college tour. His skills include: Character Impersonations (Celebrity/ Cartoon), Comedy writer, Pizza Maker, Poet, Songwriter, and Rapper.

Joe Clair plans to continue his quest for the perfect joke. However, in addition he will usher in a new era in his career as rapper, producer, and songwriter. He also now wears the hat of CEO. Amusingly he says that the skills he developed as a student at Morgan State University (B. A. Psychology) are finally being put into practice as he juggles the rigors of performing and running a company and all the responsibilities that come with each. When questioned about the substantial size of the workload he is committing himself to he humbly replies, "My mother worked a forty (40) hour a week job and was a full time student with two (2) kids in college and two (2) at home and maintained a household on her own; if she could do that I am sure I can do this." With an ethic like that, it seems Joe Clair has made entertainment his life's work and after all that's what he decided to do years ago.

You just can not go wrong booking JOE "CLEEZY" CLAIR on your next comedy concert because he will surely tickle any crowds' funnybone. Joe Clair is the type of comedian that will not stop performing until he feels the crowd has received their moneys worth and he has nothing more to give a crowd.