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DC native, Jessica O. Stamp, pushes herself daily to overcome the daily struggles of being in your mid-twenties. The busy 25-year-old is always on the go, whether it’s working her demanding full time job at Trinity Washington University to transforming into a student just minutes after closing the office. Jessica Stamp is not your typical millennial. The career woman/scholar has always been ambitious. Excelling in undergrad, Stamp juggled college life along with interning for Congresswoman Donna Edwards, volunteering, playing tennis, being elected president of student government, and advocating for social injustice. In 2014, she graduated from Trinity Washington University with a dual Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Business Administration and Communications. Her goal after graduation was to land a job in the communications and media field, but life took her in a different direction. In 2015, she began a job at her alma mater as a recruiter. A year later, she solidified the position of Assistant Director for Enrollment Development that many of her seasoned colleagues envied.

Working in higher education has fostered an interest for the education and betterment of her inner city youth. This has propelled Stamp into become an active mentor to young ladies in her community and creating Rounded, which is an organization focused on providing high school juniors and seniors with a well-rounded experience that will motivate them to go to college. Last year, the already established professional took on another position: becoming the CEO and founder of SimplyGOBĒ, a clothing-turned-lifestyle brand that blends modern, sophisticated streetwear with a golden message. The brand’s mission is to create a motivational exchange platform, where she highlights millennials going and being in action, and motivates herself to pursue the things she wants and deeply desires all resulting in her audience being inspired. Taking a page from her own book, Stamp also created GOBĒ Connects which allows small business owners, artists, publicists, and other creatives to network face to face. Currently, Stamp is pursuing her Master of Arts in Strategic Communications and Public Relations. Her goals for the remaining of the year are to continue to grow her brand and excelling at work and school.

Connect with Jessica! Email: jessicastamp@ymail.com| Website: www.simplygobe.com | Instagram: @simplygobe