Graham Smith-White is the Founder and Creative Director of The Infinite Goodness, The Agency of Creation, a creative consulting practice with a focus on community and professional development for artists and Washington, DC as a whole. With this practice, Graham works at the intersection of Artistry, Entrepreneurship and Community to bring creative placemaking and design-focused solutions to community issues, industry needs and opportunities for artists. As a practicing artist, Graham brings 20 years of professional music and sound engineering to his project The Sunrise Review, a sustainability-focused Ecomusic practice centered around solar-powered recording equipment and nature as creative inspiration and studio space. Graham also serves as a Trustee and Outreach contact for the Washington, DC Awesome Foundation, where he and other members of the community support $1,000 micro-grants with guerilla philanthropy as well as a Founder of Fair Trade Music, a grassroots campaign for artistic equity in live music. When not making delicious Curry&Grits for his dinner concert series, Graham can be likely found in a hammock, on a bicycle or a rock face in the Potomac Gorge. Fun Facts: Graham shares a birthday and favorite DC pizza restaurant with former President Barack Obama.

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