Gayle George

Gayle George is a creative economist, visionary story architect, and multi-genre content Creator informed by graduate level training in diplomacy, the power politics of GenX, and a deep reverence for indigenous wisdom. Her childhood passion for the craft of writing fueled an extensive exploration of world cultures, spiritual traditions, and global political economy in search of a language to celebrate and inspire the resilience of the human spirit. She discovered a unique vernacular to frame the objectives of her clients, students and mentees with the creativity, context, technical precision, business strategy, and executive prowess demanded by a discerning marketplace. Ms. George helps authors, artists and entrepreneurs tap into their authenticity, realize creative potential, and actualize their highest personal, professional, or political, aspirations.

Diverse professional experience in development as humanitarian assistance, fundraising, enterprise information technology, entrepreneurship, academia and production led Ms. George to found Gayleforce Publishing, a boutique media agency with a mission to identify and amplify authoritative voices on wealth, women and wisdom of the diaspora. Her projects draw from a rich legacy of triumph most recently featured in Railroad Ties, a short documentary directed by Sacha Jenkins and produced by Ancestry and SundanceTV. Her essays received recognition from the Pan African Literary Forum of the New School and in Waiting for Jack (Canfield) a book by Kristin Moeller. Another essay will be published in the Deep Beauty anthology to be published by Woodhall Press in the fall of 2019. Ms. George holds degrees in Economics and International Relations from Duke University and the School of International Studies at Johns Hopkins University. She is a fifth-generation native Washingtonian where she continues to reside with her family.

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