Faith Aya

Faith Aya is a Poet, Muse, and a Data Scientist. Twenty-two years ago, she discovered therapy through her pen.  She wrote her first poem about her Nigerian deceased mother called “There’s Something Missing in My Life.” It wasn’t a school assignment and she wasn’t studying poetry in the 4th grade. She was simply sad and didn’t know how to process the truth - her mom was killed in a drunk driving accident. She hadn’t mourned, or even shed a tear, despite the fact four years had passed since her death. Instead, writing poetry, drawing what she feel and becoming a muse to my poetry has been her saving grace to pour out her sadness, pain, love, fierceness, and self-love. Practicing meditation while writing poetry anchors her and is where she finds the strength to compassionately confront pain in the eye.

Currently, she is working on writing a poetry book, coloring book and the poetic visual project centered around the concept of ying-yang. Pain and happiness can co-exist through a symbiotic relationship. Readers will experience poetry around pain, heartbreak, healing, happiness, and black-girl magic!

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