Farbrice Guerrier

Fabrice Guerrier is an Haitian American entrepreneur and author who believes that amidst the fourth industrial revolution undertaking our societies today now more than ever is the time to reshape the world around us and our becoming future. Bold creative leadership will be required - those who lead with empathy, those who understand their values deeply and at the center of it all human creativity, imagination and storytelling. He believes large numbers of people working cooperatively over the internet to create stories is the future of original content and the creative economy. He founded Syllble Studios, (pronounced Syll-a-ble) a startup that brings a new literary scene powered by the internet and the collaborations of writers connecting locally and from all around the globe. Syllble hacks creative writers fullest potential through collaboration and crowdsourcing and brings something new to the publishing and entertainment space.

Fabrice works as an assistant to a Deputy Assistant Secretary at the State Department. Previously, he worked at the United Nations advocating for Least Developed Countries, he founded The LEEHG Institute - a social venture, and was President of the Board of Managers at Coming to the Table, a national racial reconciliation organization in the U.S that works to address the legacies of U.S. Slavery.

Fabrice loves creating music, he has acted before in a Playback Theatre Improv Troupe and has trained at the DC Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory. He has co-authored 'The Wall' (2017) a futuristic Scifi novel and recently published his debut poetry collection “Egypt in a Cup of Tea” (2018). Fabrice is a Seth Godin’s AtlMBA alum, a Senior Fellow at Humanity in Action, a Gabr Fellow at The Shafik Gabr Foundation and a 2016 PEN Haiti Fellow at the PEN American Center. His writings has appeared in The PEN America Blog, Public Pool, Blavity and Moko: Caribbean Arts and Letters. Forthcoming May 10th, 2019 in Slavery’s Descendants: Shared Legacies of Race and Reconciliation published by Rutgers University Press. Fabrice joins the 202Creates cohort full of enthusiasm. During his residency he will be working on taking Syllble Studios to the next level and its goal to become the #1 Publisher in D.C.

Connect with Fabrice! | Website: www.syllble.com & www.fabriceguerrier.com  | Instagram: @guerrierfabrice & @syllblestudios | Twitter: @guerrierfabrice