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Emmett Williams

Emmett Williams is a storyteller exploring the intersection of art and social justice. His award-winning career includes producing films on 6 continents, releasing 5 records as a singer-songwriter and several photography exhibits. Emmett is also the Content Director at Current Movements, a DC nonprofit connecting global activists using film, art, and technology.

Emmett believes everyone has a valuable story and his job is to amplify these voices in ways that both inform and inspire. During the 202Creates Residency, Emmett will complete “The Weight,” a multimedia installation telling the story of 25 people lynched in the US between 1870 and 1950. He is also working on “Sister Doulas,” a documentary about infant and maternal mortality, “Halls of Justice,” a podcast reimagining the US prison system, and the release of his next record this fall with a European tour to follow.

Connect with Emmett | Website: www.emmettwilliams.com | Instagram: @emmettmakesthings