Danielle Jefferson

Danielle Jefferson developed a love for music at age 7. Because her father was a musician, there were no shortage of music and instruments in her life as a child. Early on, Danielle would form rap and dance groups with friends and family members. In 2001, Danielle created DDT (Doing Different Things) as a hobby and started producing music as well as performing for annual block parties. Her love for music, photography and video production continued to grow and mature over the next 17 years. After surviving stage 1 beast cancer in 2013, this passion became purpose and it was even more important that she pursue her true passion and find the reality in her dreams. She applies a vast musical palette to work ensuring a distinct sound experience reminiscent of Timbaland, Missy Elliot and Kanye West. Danielle also enjoys collaborating with local artist and now takes every opportunity to engage in all aspects of production from beatmaking, mixing and mastering to photography and event videography, ensuring that she constantly fuels her passion and develops as an artist and entrepreneur.

Connect with Danielle!  | Instagram: @ddtinc1 | Soundcloud: DDTINC