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Nonich is a high to middle end fashion company from Washington, DC/ Maryland that we started almost two years ago as teenagers fresh into college. We initially aimed to create amazing pieces of clothing inspired by the aesthetics of Japanese Streetwear, Americana, and Western European Outerwear. We began well! Getting into retailers and selling out of our first two collections online! Although they were more limited quantities. Since then, Nonich realized that we wanted more and could make a greater impact than just sales. Nonich has evolved into a socially aware company that wants to shift the culture of the fashion/entertainment industries for the better. Starting the shift to build a community of good-hearted collaborators that work to create amazing products but also with at least a hint to improve the world around them. Working to become the culture hub for the future. Combining fashion, music, media, and philanthropy.

Connect with Damar! Email: contact@nonichhouse.com | Instagram: @nonichhouse | Facebook: facebook.com/nonichhouse