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Bryant Brown is a producer based out of Washington, DC! His creed is to provide sophisticated representations of culture. His vision is to be the progressive force that revitalizes the impact of authenticity in environments where genius is extracted, imitated and gentrified. His specific focus is to provide logistical and strategic support for individuals seeking to manifest art, entertainment, philanthropy, and business. Bryant has over 10 years of experience in the transformation of ideas into products. With idols like Quincy Jones and Sean Combs, Bryant believes the capacity of the imagination is limitless. Instead of focusing on the problems that arise in the manufacturing process, Bryant chooses to focus on plausibility. With the spirit of progression, he has produced a variety of different projects for 25+ artists including music albums, live performances, album artwork, candy wrappers, concert tickets, animated fliers, EPK content, 6 independent music labels, a new generation of wealth and so much more.

Connect with Bryant!: Email: bryant.brown16@gmail.com | Website: www.bemoauthentic.com | Instagram #1 (personal): @BeMoBrown | Instagram #2 (podcast): @BeMoSpeaks | Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/BeMoPodcastnetwork