Bailey sessoms | make up artist & author

Bailey Sessoms made her debut in 1997 working on a print campaign for Adidas. The same year, she expanded her skills into television. Before you can say, “action,” viewers across the country were seeing her work compliments of BET. Since then, Bailey has provided makeup services for other major entertainment companies, including GOD TV, Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon and Radio One.

After doing makeup for a Nestle Corporation photo shoot, for which she had the pleasure of doing makeup for BET’s CEO Debra Lee, Bailey became Lee’s personal makeup artist and fulfilled the company’s other corporate makeup service needs. Bailey was later asked to join the launch team as the style producer for BET’s new subsidiary, There, Bailey provided viewers with numerous beauty and fashion articles and covered world-renowned events like New York’s Fashion Week.

Bailey brings to her craft a noticeable creative flair. Perhaps it stems from the fact that she graduated at 20, with honors, from Howard University with a background in the arts. Or maybe it’s her “gotta have it” personality.

She has written a beauty column for AOL’s Black Voices, and has been featured as a beauty expert on news shows and in news publications such as the New York Daily News, Bustle and Daily Worth. In 2016 Bailey released her new book "The Beauty Diary", a beauty book for women who are starting a makeup routine, or who have a makeup routine but are not confident with their current approach.