Aziyrah ThePoet

Aziyrah ThePoet is a Mother and active “Arti-Vist” who uses her art to actively impact the community through mental health awareness and poetry. Impacting the youth through poetry and spoken word, AziyrahThePoet has performed at the Howard Theater, The Capital, and Freedom Plaza’s “Moechella” spreading quality education with the Commissioner on Washington DC’s Budget Demands. Aziyrah mixes activism with her artistry to educate the youth on the importance of voting and sharing their voice.

Aziyrah is the full definition of mental health advocate, fighting the battles the community faces. Her poetry is a full and positive message impacting those in need DAILY and she recently worked alongside the Department of Behavioral Health honoring mother’s who have suffered from trauma.

In addition, Aziyrah is the President for Behind The Facade, a company founded by her close brothers that acts as a liaison for local mental health clinics. Behind The Facade is currently tackling a project called the “Green Bag Giveaway Tour” which equips displaced patients with a resource bag filled with hygiene products and information on coping mechanisms.

Connect with Aziyrah | Instagram: @aziyrahthepoet