Alonzo Crawford

I am a graduate of the Columbia Film School; and, retired Howard University professor where I taught film theory, directing and cinematography—MFA Graduate and Undergraduate Film Programs. I am a co-founder and designer of the MFA Graduate Film Program. During my tenure at Howard, I founded the DCHU Hollywood Summer Youth Film Workshop for at-risk youth in which I wrote, produced and directed community-training workshops in the art of filmmaking.

Most notable among these productions are: CROWDED (documentary short—on overcrowded conditions in the Baltimore City Jail; used in litigation on behalf of inmates to help them wine their case) and GILA MONSTER (drama short—one episode of a series about a black undercover federal agent investigating potential corruption in the police force). Among the many students to participate in my workshop who have gone on to establish successful career in the motion picture industry are cinematographers Ernest Dickerson (“Malcolm X”) and Bradford Young (2017 Oscar Nominee for Best Cinematography for “Selma”).

I am also the recipient 2013 award winner of The Annual Richmond International Film Festival Director’s, Short Film Production Award for the film: “Sleep to Dream” and the Las Vegas Black Film Festival, 2014 Best Feature Length Screenplay Award, “SILK AND THORNS” Las Vegas, NV among other festival awards. I believe in the short filmmaking form because it is most affordable for independent productions. All but one of my films are independently produced and have served as hands-on training experience for underserved community members with an interest in filmmaking, both young and old.

Since retirement from the university where I devoted 100 percent of my time to my students, I have decided to focus on my filmmaking career and other art forms. I have a passion for filmmaking and the arts, especially Japanese cinema and film-noir, and try to produce films that make a difference in the universe, where the world we live in is more inclusive of all segments of society.