202Creates has dedicated the September 2018 Kick-off Event to all things "Love". In the spirit of this theme, we're asking that you, a DC creator, send us visual content that explores your love for your craft and love for your city. How & why do you love what you do? What do you love about creating in DC? Show us! Please keep in mind that there are no "wrong" ways to convey Love. ❤️ See below for submission form and details.


 Photo by The Art Hype (Adedayo Kosoko) // Samantha Pennington

Photo by The Art Hype (Adedayo Kosoko) // Samantha Pennington

OVERVIEW & deadlines

  • Submitted content will be reviewed by the 202Creates team. Once content is approved, it will be prominently displayed digitally during the 202Creates Kick-off Event (date TDA) for hundreds of attendees to enjoy.
  • Content will be evaluated based on originality and whether all guidelines are followed (see below section for more info).
  • The final time to submit content is on August 9th at 11:59PM. We will notify creators whose content we include in the Kick-off Event by the close of business on August 16th.


  • We will only be accepting video and photos. Please note that because of the nature of the Kick-off Event's venue, we will not be able to support audio, so please do not include audio in your content

  • Creators can submit up to five high resolution photos OR one video that does not exceed 30 seconds. Again, if you are submitting video, please do not include audio, as it will not be heard during the event.

  • Please include your name/organization within the content you submit. For photos, we recommend putting your name and social media information in the bottom right corner of your images. For videos, we also recommend putting your name and social media information in bottom right corner of your video. 

  • The maximum file size for each submission is 100MB. 

  • Submissions that include any explicit content or profanity will be eliminated from consideration