Mayor Muriel Bowser Presents 202Creates

a showcase of the District’s DIVERSE AND

VIBRANT creative economy.

Mayor Muriel Bowser Presents: 202Creates started in September 2016 with an inaugural month of epic creativity! As the year continues, the District’s commitment to the creative industries has not waned one bit.

Through an array of events, #202Creates has consistently showcased the diversity of the artists, makers, and entrepreneurs who contribute to the District’s thriving creative industries.

202Creates has engaged residents through activities, and conversations, curated by the District’s creative innovators, that build community through all 8 Wards.

Creative expression improves the environment of every District neighborhood, in all 8 Wards, and 202Creates will continue to showcase the vibrant arts and their creators living in the District.

With nearly 60% of the District's workers employed in the creative class, DC is one of the most creative cities in the United States. A recent study also shows the District is a top five "most inspiring city" for young artists. 

Welcome to the Capital of Creativity!