202Creates @ OCTFME

202Creates has expanded to provide even more resources to the District's creatives.

Check out the resources we provide for the District's creatives to meet, work, and thrive under one roof.



co-working day

Each month, the 202Creates team invites the District's creatives and entrepreneurs to work out of OCTFME at 200 I (Eye) Street SE. We have a fully-functioning office space equipped with desks, a conference room, a kitchen, and special guest presenters to mingle with throughout the day. 



photography & podcasting studios

In keeping with Mayor Bowserโ€™s commitment to support the creative economy and create a nurturing environment for DCโ€™s creative entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses, the Districtโ€™s Office of Cable Television, Film, Media and Entertainment (OCTFME) launched a photography studio and a podcasting studio at its 200 I (eye) Street SE office. These state-of-the-art studios will be free and accessible to the District's creatives, as well as educational tools for those looking to develop their skills. 

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202Creates residency program

Building upon the momentum of the 202Creates Co-Working Days, The Residency
Program provides creative and artistic entrepreneurs with free space and business
support services in support of the creative economy. The Residency Program also provides a
community of creatives to bounce ideas off of, draw energy from, and develop new
collaborations and connections with. The 202Creates Residency Program is located at OCTFME's 200 I (Eye) Street, SE office.